You own a #franchise with a presence in 20 locations.
How do you keep track of their engagements and performance?
Manual reports!
Handwritten drafts!
It’s time for something smarter, easier, and different!
BrandWide is an easier way to manage and scale your franchise!
Get started with a simple one-time #software set up!
Make customized adjustments, track your leads and performance progress!
Find ways to be smarter, make reviews of your marketing and sales report.
Streamline and track onboarding process and Provide an #LMS #platform to all franchisees
You get all the franchise-related information you need from one location.
Don’t miss out, we’re just a call away!
BrandWide, it’s the best way to make smarter franchise decisions!
Try out a demo or for details click on this link!

Or Contact Us at:-

Phone:- 5104139000, 1-800-763-3766

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