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Sliders: Armor & Sword’s Clean Screen Simulation Sliders

*NOTE* I might change these as we go, I’ll keep everyone updated if I do make changes. Also, I will be turning on the Pitch Result because we are seeing the franchise from a ‘TV’ perspective and that makes more sense to me.

Also A&S has some awesome house rules/ideas using RNG!

Roster: RidinRoster

Remember to edit attributes that are over 99 – Set 40 man rosters && Set Rotation. Then jump into a test franchise to make sure you like how things feel to YOU! Then adjust anything you think isn’t working for you?

March to mid-July (No FA signings OR Trades for USER Teams)
Free to sign FA during Winter Meetings until the Regular Season starts. I try to adhere to this as much as possible because this is when you find holes in your team or in the minor league system.

Offseason FA Signings:

Limit your focus on 1 or 2 MAJOR free agents depending on the status of your team. If you’re the Red Sox, Dodgers, Yankees etc…2 would be fine but even they didn’t go after EVERY SINGLE FA.

Watch the CPU Trades…and make adjustments if needed. If you see the Yankees trading Judge for two pitchers, a PBR and a bag of skittles…redo the trade and look for something more real.

Trade slider:
April-May – 0
June-Mid-July – 4
Trade Deadline Week – Max
After Trade Deadline – 0
Offseason (After PostSeason) – 3
Winter Weekend to the Start of ST – 8


Welcome to my MrDeezo channel!

Here I focus on sports gaming videos and series. I play MLB The Show these series revolve around building teams in Franchise mode while keeping things as realistic as possible. I grew up on the Operation Sports Forums reading and writing detailed stories on building up teams, now I’m here doing it in video form.

So, if you like realistic Franchise content with offseason livestreams, detailed stories and being part of rebuilding teams to championship caliber…hit that sub button!

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Realistic Franchise Set Up! (MLB The Show 22)
Realistic Franchise Set Up! (MLB The Show 22)
Realistic Franchise Set Up! (MLB The Show 22)
Realistic Franchise Set Up! (MLB The Show 22)

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