Chef Paul learned how to cook paella by watching a little elderly woman make the dish every Sunday afternoon in Spain..
She was so passionate about the ingredients that she used, and how she made the paella, it was absolutely captivating.

I was so moved by her passion for the dish I decided I wanted to share her passion with you.

Like many of you I’ve always wanted to have my own company, to be excited to go to work every day, to be in control of my own destiny.
Owning a restaurant requires a lot of overhead,
and food trucks just don’t provide enough personal interaction…
that’s what really fuels my passion,
so I had to find another way.

Voice Over:
Chef Paul took his classical training, combined it with his passion for people – and “Fire & Rice” was born!

The Paella business is flexible,
so you can create your own unique franchise success.
Follow the easy steps,
use the tried and tested tools we provide, find your own niche and follow the demand in your local market.

No culinary background? No problem!
We’ve made buying, owning and growing your own Fire and Rice franchise easy and fun!

Chef Al: I had No food background but Chef Paul made learning it easy and fun, it’s been and BUSY! People just love it! Look at the crowds!

Voice Over:
We’ve put in the hard work for you. We‘ve created systems and tools, removing the expensive learning curve of starting a new business.

Fire and Rice brings the proven communal-meal food concept from Europe to the U.S. market.
Where it’s catching on like WILD-fire!

When you franchise Fire and Rice you can be a part of community events like farmer’s markets…

…and festivals, where you can see thousands of customers with just one event.

Testimonial sound bites
• It’s the best paella I’ve ever had, EVER!
This was my first time trying paella and I loved it

voice over:
Or you can be the center of the celebration at Private Fire & Rice parties for any occasion!

Testimonial sound bites (2):
• Why it is a wonderful private event
• The Chef isn’t hidden away in the kitchen, he’s totally accessible.
It’s a lot of fun and a great way to throw a party in your own home.

Voice Over:
If you’re ready to start your own business but have no idea where to begin, we’ve got the answer – Fire and Rice.

Chef Paul:
“Simply put, use the best ingredients, treat them with care, take joy in serving your guests and you will live a fulfilling life.

Voice Over:
Start living your passion,
Having fun and making every day a delicious new success with Fire and Rice!

Visit our website today to learn more about franchise opportunities in your area at:
or give us a call at 239 269 8857

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