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Proofhub is a project management software solution that pitches itself as a project management system for everyone. It breaks itself down into several sections, each with specific tools allowing companies to consistently move projects from start to finish.

The planning stage offers Gantt and Kanban boards to visualize workflows, their table and tasks functions help managers to plan and create timelines for production, and their custom roles function allows managers to control who gets access to what.

Their collaboration stage allows users to communicate with each other and with the group with the ability to view designs and documents related to the project. There are also built-in markup tools to move projects forward with input from all parties involved.

While the organization stage of their project lifecycle does just that. Documents and files are cataloged, even by version; project templates are stored for use by the group; and there’s even a calendar to manage it all.
During the delivery stage of the process, the software offers tools to provide better visualization of the project’s progress as well as reports on workloads assigned and time spent on it.

0:00 – Intro
0:22 – What is proofhub?
1:55 – Top Features
3:34 – Pros & Cons
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