To Do This:

1) Click the edit icon beside the enquiry and head to the Notes tab.
2) Select the Export to Excel button and once opened, enable editing. Sort and filter as required.
3) Head back to the enquiry notes, and select the Export to PDF button.

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Business Pilot is the complete business management system built for installers by installers. Business Pilot helps you to manage everything from leads through sales, contracts, installations, finance and service/after care. It integrates with finance packages or pricing tools meaning you don’t have to switch out everything.

Business Pilot also includes an app that allows users to choose when they want the whole system (which also works on a mobile device) or just the App features. The App is a free addition to help installers have the best of both worlds whether in the office, at home or on site. Business Pilot gives you everything you need, in the way you need it, wherever you are and whenever you need it.


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