What big moves can we expect from Microsoft in 2022? And how are savvy MSPs planning ahead?

Price hikes. Name changes. New offerings. Oh my. Keeping up with Microsoft is a full-time job these days. Luckily, we’ve got experts dropping by the Live Chat to keep you in the loop.

Join us, CyberDrain’s Kelvin Tegelaar, and others as we dive into the latest big announcements from Microsoft and talk modern approaches to M365 multi-tenant management and security.

Bonus: Kelvin also gives us a guided tour of his new project: CIPP, an open-source solution for M365 administration that you can check out here: https://github.com/KelvinTegelaar/CIPP

0:00 Hello and welcome!
5:00 Microsoft price hikes + the petition… worked?
12:00 Defender for Business deep dive
19:50 Navigating the Defender transition conversation
24:30 Vendor Sprawl and consolidation
26:00 Breaking down the polls and how MSPs are (or aren’t) using Autopilot and Intune
30:00 How Stephen and Kelvin transitioned to cloud-only, Microsoft-based shops
34:00 Importance of communicating plan and potential price increases ahead of EOY
38:00 Origins of CIPP
42:10 CIPP Demo
53:00 Audience questions and wrap-up

Access the resources doc we reference here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vQVi3VXtj0ofBawcIVLupIIdUxVBFi2VgkVQLm_MK3Yca4QTMU_-z8jQUZU3BVzTYzp5cETSoMcxFo1/pub

Sponsor CIPP here: https://github.com/sponsors/KelvinTegelaar

Catch our previous Live Chat recordings and save your spot for future chats here: https://www.ninjaone.com/msplivechats/


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