How to start courier service business/franchise or courier service business. Courier service Business in Pakistan is very Clients demanding business and many many companies are inverting in the business the most top companies are working for international shipment are Fedex, DHL, TCS and Leopard. The most known courier service company in Pakistan and doing big business in the field of international shipment for local and commercial client. Commercial clients for the international shipments are related to import and export business.
Now we talk how we can start over courier service business in our area or country. For this purpose we discus the business method of DHL company, According to Wikipedia DHL is German Base Company and its deliver almost 1.3 billion shipment in a year and DHL is basically name of founder of DHL. Founders names are D (Dalsey), H (Hillblom) and L (Lynn) the name DHL have drive from the founder’s names.
We can also start courier service business with DHL or other courier service company. For this purpose we need to register our company in any business registration department first one FBR(soleproprietor), Chamber of Commerce (AOP, Association of Person) and SECP (Private Limited). All are department working for business registration in pakistan. We have explain all three type of business registration department in Pakistan. Before register your courier service business in Pakistan must watch the relating the videos its help you to understand which type of registration is better for your business.
After registration the courier service business registration. Arrange a Shop/Office may its on rent just make sure it should be approachable for courier van and client. Much better if it is in city area. You will submit security to to Courier service Company (DHL). After that arrange staff which should be according to your work and need a vendor who will design your office as DHL requirements. May its cost almost 7-8 Lac. Arrange your office security system and finally DHL company will provide his DHL account where from you can book clients shipment and get almost 30-35% and in this margin you will pay all the expenses like electricity bill and staff salary etc.
On other hand if you get just DHL account you can work according you will be. No need to invest on office or decoration etc. but problem is that people prefer to DHL Franchise not account holder but account holder capture his clients by giving big discount than DHL franchise. Margin is almost 50%.
Now, for more detail comment below the video.

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